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Stone Soup

Monday, December 15th, 2014

Sean recently helped a fantastic non-profit- Stone Soup Films -complete audio sweetening and post for “The Anacostia River: Making Connections

This was an enjoyable, challenging project with lots of outdoor ambiance to really set the location.

The Anacostia River: Making Connections from Stone Soup Films on Vimeo.


Friday, April 25th, 2014

Hello there, internetizens.  While many portions of this site continue to work as testing ground for various projects (some public, some private), the information of interest to many who land here may be found immediately below.


MeHornSean P. Finn, the brains, brawn, and owner of ForZeroNoise has been an audio enthusiast and engineer for nearly 35 years and has experienced sea changes in the way music, television, film and digital content is produced during this time.  He has recorded field audio for documentary radio and film all over the world.  He has recorded music in venues from ceramic tiled bathroom stalls to Alice Tully hall at Lincoln Center in New York.  Sean performs on various instruments regularly and designs and scores live theatrical productions seen up and down the mid-Atlantic corridor.  He currently works as a freelance audio engineer and is a two time Emmy Award winner mixing Pardon The Interruption, ThisWeek with George Stephanopoulos, Nightline, Good Morning America, World News, Around the Horn, Highly Questionable, special events coverage and other ESPN and ABCNews productions.  In the realm of post-production, peruse this recent project in collaboration with Stone Soup FilmsThe Anacostia River: Making Connections and Hot and Bothered‘s 2014 holiday offering: Santa’s Stuck In Baltimore, for which ForZeroNoise completed production and post in just 3 days, start to finish.  You can download or view Sean’s full resume here and may browse the “Listen” category or the “Listen” landing page for some audio samples, many of which are drafts in progress, so please be kind!  For a real diversion, see if you can watch all the way through his very rough “insider” reality-doc of Fluid Movement‘s 2010 synchronized swimming production “Jason and the Aquanauts”, entitled “Getting Wet“.

Some, but never all, of Sean’s alter-egos for which you may search the interwebs are: Number Six, Num63r S!x, Oliver Hot, Bal’d Lightning, SPF006.

Please send Sean your comments via

Thank you for visiting, feel free to poke around, and if you find something that doesn’t work… well… try to break it harder?

Come back in a little while…

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

… we’re constantly striving to make ForZeroNoise more interesting…

Currently, that appears to be an easily attainable goal.

Thanks for visiting,

Num63r S!x