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Audio Mastering Rates and Packages

Thursday, March 24th, 2016

ForZeroNoise offers high quality mastering services at affordable rates.  Your mixed tracks (and/or stems) are treated with utmost care in a state-0f-the-art system incorporating full-digital signal processing chains, with optional analog summing and processing available.  UAD, Waves, and Izotope (including RX restoration) processors are available.  Full 32-bit masters are generated in a processing environment operating at up to 192kHz for maximum transparency.  The goal of mastering is to make your music and audio sound fuller, clearer, and maintain the balance you created in mixdown (except in extreme cases requiring significant audio restoration) across the spectrum of playback devices and environments available to consumers today.  ForZeroNoise adheres fastidiously to this goal and our clients’ and artists’ intention.

You will receive, via FTP, the following mastered files:

  • High bandwidth .wav files at 32-bit quantization. (Sampling frequency depends upon source material, and is limited to 192kHz at present.  If you send 44.1kHz, you’ll get 44.1kHz.  If you send 96kHz, you’ll receive masters at 96kHz, etc.)
  • 1 copy at highest sampling frequency dithered to lower bit depth at your request (e.g. you require 88.2kHz, 24-bit masters).
  • 1 copy at CD or Video standard of 44.1kHz or 48kHz sampling frequency and 16-bit quantization.

For this service, we offer a few options for payment, the best fit which depends on your particular project needs.  Each package includes 1 set of revisions after delivery via FTP.  Please contact (443) 406-6473 with questions and to discuss your needs.

  • a la carte:  per track, up to 11 minutes each in length: $80.00

  • album:  up to 12 tracks, each 11 minutes maximum duration: $800.00

  • EP:  up to 7 tracks, each 11 minutes maximum duration: $440.00

Projects including tracks in excess of 11 minutes up to 31 minutes incur an additional fee of $40 per each track over duration.

Projects including tracks in excess of 31 minutes will be negotiated individually.